Chase Merchant Services

Updated December 3rd, 2018
Serving nearly 500,000 businesses and processing a whopping $1 trillion a year, Chase Merchant Services (formerly known as Chase Paymentech) is one of the largest payment processors in the U.S.
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Dallas, TX

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About Chase Merchant Services

Originally founded in 1985, Chase Merchant Services is part of the JPMorgan Chase Bank family, and has operated under a few of different names over the years due to various mergers and acquisitions. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and with a presence in both Europe and Canada, Chase Merchant Services is a direct processor, able act as both the acquiring bank and the payment processor. This eliminates the need for a separate institution to provide a merchant account, simplifying things a bit for the average business owner, which often results in savings since there is one less company to take a piece of the payments pie. Since you are working directly with Chase, you will be able to negotiate your rate and contract terms, as well as reduce chargeback or account freeze headaches that usually require business owners to work with both their payment processor and merchant account provider to get things sorted out. Chase Merchant Services offers a plethora of features and services, and are adding more everyday. From international transactions to tokenization, Chase Merchant Services can comfortably handle the needs of just about any mid- to large-sized merchant.


B2B Transactions

  • Level II / Level III Processing

Billing Options

  • Donations

  • Recurring Billing / Subscriptions

Business Management

  • Automatic Card Expiration Update

  • Basic Reporting & Analytics

  • Customer Management

  • Customer Rewards

  • Email Receipts

Customer Support

  • 24/7 Support

  • Phone Support


  • 2-3 Day Deposits

Developer Support

  • Developer SDK / API


  • Gateway Integration

Mobile App

  • Android App

  • iOS App

Payment Methods

  • ACH / eCheck

  • Apple Pay

  • EMV

  • International Processing

  • Swipe


  • Fraud Detection

  • PCI Compliant

  • Tokenization

Transaction Types

  • In Store

  • Key-in / Virtual Terminal

  • Mobile

  • Online

Product Details


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    It looks like they don't publish their pricing information. We all like to know what we'll pay before we buy a service, but this is not all bad news. Sometimes when payment processors keep their fees secret it means they're negotiable and they'll put together a good deal for your business. Go ahead and click "Sign up" to continue on the company's site and get a price quote from them.

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