Sherpio launched in 2018 to help businesses get the most out of their financial arrangements. If you're a business owner watching the society become more cashless, the thought must have crossed your mind: you rely on your credit card process for nearly all your revenue. Are you prepared for that? Are you confident in that relationship? Are you getting the best deal for your business?

Are you sure?

Over the last few years, the number of options for accepting credit cards has exploded—even if you have a good credit card processor, it might be worth a second look. At Sherpio, we're excited about this trend. More competition, more technology, and more ways to get paid is an exciting opportunity for business owners. It can also be confusing: One processor wants almost 4% of your sales, while somebody else says they'll take less than 2%? What's the difference? Is it like a cell phone bill with lots of hidden fees, or an online subscription that bills you predictably and is easy to cancel?

The Sherpio founders are putting our years of experience in payments to use for you. We're here to show you the differences and guide you to the best payment processor for your business. Check out our first product, the Explorer, which is a self-serve tool where we will match your business to processors that fit your profile, talk you through their features, and even give you a monthly pricing estimate based on the fees they charge, so you get an idea of what each one will really cost. If you're a big business with more than $100k in revenue each year, we'd love to hear from you. We'll put together a personalized report comparing different processors and issue a recommendation. (And, we won't sell you as a "lead" to a thousand salespeople who would never stop calling you.)

Your business is a journey. Sometimes, the trail gets technical and you need a guide. We're Sherpio, and we're here to help.